Lindsay Heath, Ph.D.

Lindsay Heath, Ph.D., LSSP is a neuropsychologist and school psychologist specializing in brain injury and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She completed her doctorate at the University of Florida and her internship at the ApaCenter (Austin Psychology and Assessment Center) here in Austin, TX. She then completed her post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at Dartmouth, where she furthered her interest in brain injury and the remarkable gains that can be made when effective interventions are provided.
She is now a neuropsychologist at Rehab Without Walls where she works to help individuals with brain injuries achieve their highest level of functional independence and reintegrate into their communities. This often includes finding new and exciting creative interests through the Small Victories Foundation. She also practices at the ApaCenter, provides supervision and consultation to San Diego BrainWorks, and holds an adjunct professorship at Texas State University.